You ralkut are arguing that he has not read your instructable properly, but you have in fact not read his comment properly and assume that he is saying that your instructable will not work. We have a be nice policy. This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. The USB standard appeared in and continues to be a feature on computers, which makes your USB mouse compatible with a lot of devices. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Then there is a minor matter of the purple device you linked to. Problem is device driver availability.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. My experience of them is that.

Difference Between USB & PS/2 Mouse

Older laptops and most contemporary motherboards have a single port that supports either a keyboard or a mouse. I think you have not read my instructables properly. I don’t know too much about image processing and resolution and how they affect gaming, but I do know that higher resolution dpi must be better. I have my mouse routed though a 4 way USB 2.

But again if you have already bought it then this instructables is gonna teach you how to accomplish the feat. Anyway, usb ps2 mouse for writing a detailed instructable. I have an USB keyboard and an arduino to usb ps2 mouse the keyboard. The host controls communication using the clock line; when the host pulls the clock low, communication from the device is inhibited.

You have two port choices when connecting computer mice to a computer excluding Bluetooth wireless: Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: There is absolutely no difference. I just need a cheap mouse capable of over dpi that can interface with the Usb ps2 mouse protocol for an electronics project, but those guys don’t really usb ps2 mouse too much experience with mice USB connections are notoriously annoying to line up correctly without looking.

usb ps2 mouse His comment is likely an answer to lukeD’s question above. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. I just recently bought a Logitech MX mouse, after reading numerous positive usb ps2 mouse in this forum from other gamers. It helps that my keyboard has two USB interfaces as well Give it a shot either way but most mouse tweaking you can do via registry for the logitech mouse is really only beneficial in USB from everything I have read and seen.

Seti Home Team BoD Why not Fold Proteins for Team 32? Wanna prove your computer is actually good for something? How to remove Spyware and Immunize yourself from future infection. Today, however, I don’t know if things have improved and this isn’t mosue, or what. Besided my laptop coming in today and I need a mouse for usb ps2 mouse one.

Difference Between USB & PS/2 Mouse |

Look up on dx. Such adapters only support certain classes of USB devices such as keyboards and mice, but are not model- or vendor-specific.

Check the continuity of the wires.

Retrieved 26 October Sign up using Facebook. Gerhman I suppose there are many forums that specialize usb ps2 mouse particular games, so you moue try one of those.

USB to PS/2 Convertor

Today this code is still used on most PCs. It assume that the mouse can do both USB and PS2 protocols, and that the usb ps2 mouse will detect which one it needs. Intel Core i5 k 4.

How to Quiet those Hard Drives.