Over a Month Ago Time Zone: Possibly you are running into a similar limit with the netbook? I think the issue is that there are more than one instance of the card reader installed. I have inserted a Kingston 4GB one. Conversely, users who frequently switch back and forth between their laptop and a desktop computer in the office or at home, can use the card in the Storage Expansion Slot for files they frequently transfer from one computer to the other. As “OtH” advises – test the card in another working system – if only to confirm the card is OK or not If so, partition and format it from there.

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Carr reinstalled the card reader drivers from the acer website without success. No sign of the SD card Then go to Device Manager and see if acer aspire one sd card card reader is showing there. Possibly you are running into a similar limit with the netbook? Thanks for the effort of responding!

I think those are all the steps.

Yes No I don’t know. Sorry I missed the model before. The insertion is definitely not a problem. Thousands of users aspige to help! Deeper than the standard card reader, acer aspire one sd card Storage Expansion Slot holds an SD card without it protruding from the edge of the computer. Thanks for the assistance! Do you have a listing in the USB controller section dard a mass storage controller or not, when a card is inserted?

Download Acer Aspire One D ENE Card Reader Driver for Windows 7

It should lock in place and you should need to depress it further in order to remove it. I have an aspire one with a card reader and an SD expansion slot. Neither recognise the SD card in My computer. Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk.

You may have one of them Go to Disk Management and see if the card shows there. If it works, acer aspire one sd card at least you have eliminated possible issues with the card itself. Use Question Form such as ” Why? It clicks in and I need to press it in further to get it out again. I have observed the following: In that case I suggest removing the Mass storage device that does show and rebooting.

I will test the card in acer aspire one sd card PC once I get the chance to do so.

Is it an external software or does it come with windows xp pro? It is part of WinXP.

Search for “sd card reader driver”

Disk Management is part of Manage. The information on Computing. Some of these cards can – and occasionally do – act up; and may not be detected etc.

If the card reader is not configured there probably wouldn’t be any error report.

Acer Aspire One Netbook SD Card Reading issue

Where did you get a brand new model with WinXP pre-installed? But in both it makes a recognition sound when I insert the card while windows is running.

What about a Disk 1 removable in Disk Management? Tried the SD reader thereon – no success. That is from memory.