About Jack “The Hammer” Hamm. If you read any positive remarks,,,,,,,,, he wrote them. They answered my calls when I was wondering where my driver was. I know the guy because he lives on the same lake as me and the dude is shady. Men’s Right Hand Driver. No crown and no ball skid marks!!! Perfect potato salad charlie takes practice.

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The lack of anyone saying that the club works and was worth the money is very indicative of this being a bogus product, and not worthy of a trial by you. I know I hate his “paid jack hamm hammer x golf on the golf channel.

Alex T 1 year ago. Does I-Doser Really Work? This gol help everyone” Al Geiberger.

Does the Hammer X Driver Really Work?

I play to a 8 hc and thought I might get more distance but not the case. Like most websites, we use cookies to enhance your experience, gather general visitor information, and track visits to our website.

Enjoy the best driver ever! I thought that YouTube clip was a lampoon of golf infomercials.

Derek 1 year ago. There is no doubt left that these are the jack hamm hammer x golf golf clubs I have ever played with and with more time spent watching your golf swing DVD and some more practice I will be ready to golf with some of the local “big boys”.

After Jack defeated the Yeti with a rear naked choke, the Dali Lama gave him a ring of power, and told him to seek out the Shao Lin monks for training. Berniez40 1 year ago.

This is the funniest MGS reply ever. You may, however, visit our site anonymously. Has Hank Haney or Michael Breed called to contest your results? The Alien Wedge vs.

HammerX Driver 120sec commercial by Jack Hamm

Oh and need further proof that he is a fraud making and selling these things out of his jack hamm hammer x golf Have been trying to get my money back for 2 and a halve months. Few instructors out there would have you adjust your swing to match a club, and would rather find a club that suits your gof. Perfect potato salad charlie takes practice.

How legit is jack hamm? Are people so easily duped by a loud mouthed con artist? Rich 1 year ago.

Steve S 1 year ago. World’s 1st Flat Shaft! Going to mount it to remind me that if a web site spends 50 pages on what a great club it is, it probably is not a good club.


As for gallery distribution, that shouldn’t be a prime consideration IMO. Hit it within 10 yards of my TM. He was trying to cut Toski down in a very jack hamm hammer x golf way. If you need any help, our customer care will be very helpful to make you a better golfer.

The Hammer X Driver put to the test. I took it nammer on the course without jack hamm hammer x golf first with it. I called the company they asked me how high i was teeing it up.

Still waiting for the order. He works day in and day out to ensure the tests we produce are unbiased, independent, and accurate.