Until then, a share to the program is mapped on two bit client machines from the primary domain with Group Policy. Sign up using Email and Password. The solution is relatively straightforward and can be integrated right into the batch file that is used to start the program. Now modify the batch file and use the well-documented net use command to implement the printing solution: Joe Internet 4, 2 12

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Also, I have the reports sent to usb line printers or ink jets or whatever I choose. Probably not, if everything is running from one domain.

You don’t need to mess around with the Loopback Adapter. Need to print a check lpt to usb cable the laser printer? Takes standard printer output produced by a DOS application, and forwards it to a default Windows printer.

USB LPT: Connectors | eBay

Works on all Windows platforms. You can download it from this link https: The issue isn’t getting the printer hooked up to the computer – it’s hooked up. Let’s get old school and play a trick on our printer: DOS programs are still used in the world of business. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The machine I need cablee use, csble, doesn’t have a parallel port.

Two different parallel printers are used with this program, but the program prints to a single port only sub there is no option to change this behavior. Lpt to usb cable Gabriele 51 1 2.

Looked at some parallel emulation software to to print to a usb printer which worked somewhat but had their own problems. I’ll have lpt to usb cable rights when implementing cagle work around, but I’m shooting for a solution that works while a ‘regular’ user is logged after everything is set up.

The solution is relatively straightforward and can be integrated right into the batch file that is used to start the program.

USB to Parallel Port LPT IEEE 1284 Printer Cable

You haven’t said what hardware you’re using, but assuming it’s a Wintel PC, you should be able to buy a generic lpt to usb cable port card for it lpt to usb cable next to nothing. That’s a colon, not a semicolon ; vs: Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Joe Internet 4, 2 12 I also have my apps write data to temp files which I grab with Microsoft Access to put out some awesome formatted reports.

Now the apps work in 64 Bit windows 10 with major tk in memory and speed. That may have been unnecessary. The solution in my case was.

LPT to USB Adapter – detailed description, how to use, buy online

I found Harbour HMG which, after changing a few lines of code recompiled the app software to 32 bit. Further, this is for an office. I was fable the same position with custom designed business Clipper based software.

First run dosprint and dosprintui as administrator, after then double click on the dosprintui tray icon, you can get the list of availble ports to map, then double click on lpt1 or in set button and lpt to usb cable your desired printer to map on it and click on ok.

Both are users on the primary domain but not the secondary, and I didn’t want to spend lpt to usb cable troubleshooting the permissions issue. Here we are speaking about using a very old legacy software on hardware with USB only connections.

Andres did you forget to type a semicolon after LPT2 like above? Or maybe I’m missing something. Lpt to usb cable bit DOS program we need to work with resides on a bit Windows server that will soon be removed.

It needs to be attached to port LPT1 as well.