I can see very dark icons. Philips h12y Vista — old chimei screen damaged — part viewable. Farel March 14, Maybe you accidentally pulled the cable while replacing the screen. I put the old screen in and can see parts of my desk top. Under the white tape there are a few ribbon cables connecting the LCD to the controller board. I checked all the connections and they are tight.

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I have noticed troubles with heat on this thing. Stan February 17, So my question is: The old screen is phillips satlelite the new is Samsung.

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Satellite a205 s4607 you get a line on one side of the screen, usually this is LCD screen failure. The bottom two thirds start of black, slowly get brighter and brighter, until the are white, or a random collection of brightly coloured lines. Put it back together. I plugged it in satelllite instructions and double checked the video cable connection.

In this case I would try replacing the inverter first. Now even the old cracked screen shows white, no video! I take it apart satellige satellite a205 s4607 connections.

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Looks like LCD screen failure to me. Deissy November 29, The new one i got has this written on its pcb: You can see a satellite a205 s4607 faint image but there is no backlight. Posted on Review by Brenda. HWSetup was pre-installed on all but early Satelliye notebook models.

I followed all the instructions perfectly and to my knowledge o did nothing wrong so I thought it was the replacement screen. I was thinking that sateklite I could somehow modify satellite a205 s4607 flash a new BIOS that includes support for this monitor. You can fry the motherboard satellite a205 s4607 installing a wrong screen. Keyboard is functional ….

First of all, make sure the new LCD screen is compatible with the old video cable. Do you have any idea what could be damaged and why it was damaged? Michael Satellite a205 s4607 25, Have you tried connecting the video cable to the connector at all?

I checked the pins on the cable and cleaned them. Claims of fast charging a Li-ion battery in one hour or less usually results in lower charge levels.

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Make sure the CPU is seated correctly and the socket is locked. Mine works perfectly again and I am happy for that.

Did you get any image on the shattered screen, I mean on the undamaged area? Are you getting same problem on the external video or not? When I unplug and plug the monitor cable you can see the video momentarily. I used your satellite a205 s4607 and after satellite a205 s4607 my ribbon which was a little loose everything works!!

Cant be the videocard since an external monitor works like a charm. You can try replacing the cable.

Contact the seller and replace the screen with another one. Each ribbon cable permanently soldered to the controller board and has many tiny solder points. I am with purple vertical stripes on my screen. I would try satellite a205 s4607 the inverter board satellite a205 s4607 and if the problem still exists, replace the screen. Purchased high performance battery eatellite my Toshiba Laptop. But yesterday I realized that when I turn on the laptop, the boot screen or bios splash screen not appearing and after a few seconds the windows screen will appear.