Hi — great program thanks. Budget Aluminum Headphones Stand Review. Great and many thanks! I really love this little hack, the reason being, there is no program running in the background sucking up resources. The same folder as the game executible. Else you have to stick with keyboard and mouse.

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For more info on compatibility with specific games, check out Rumblepad2 Blog. Thanks for this program! Remap the quantum qhm 7468-2v gamepad to match your gamepad buttons.

I found a nice little solution to make games think my nice little 7 dollar Dilong gamepad is an official Xbox gamepad.

Download XBOX 360 controller emulator for PC games

Can anyone guide me how to configure this? I had a problem with Need For Speed Hot Pursuit giving me a error code That controller has not been setup please go to controls menu in Gameplay to configure it. Introduction A barrel shape Bluetooth speaker? Hey Jayce, I really need help. Some games were built to be played with a gamepad not a keyboard and mouse, ie: How to make it work with the quantum qhm 7468-2v gamepad controller?

I am using also vista but home quantum qhm 7468-2v gamepad. PERFECT… it recognizes automatically the gamepzd layout… only some little problem recognizing the x a b y buttons from my 1 2 3 4 buttons… can easly be fixed from the.

Download XBOX controller emulator for PC games – 01

I hope this little tutorial helped you out, if it did a comment would much be appreciated. Thereby I confirm that it works with: Budget Aluminum Headphones Stand Review. Another link for quantum qhm 7468-2v gamepad one how needs it: The anolog took me a while but I eventually got it ,in the down load add a note everytime you change a value to save to emul-note pad then go back and open the virtual controller and see what it does.

And your gamepad will work just as the x controller. Please enter your comment!

I just tried it on Qhj Arkham Asylum and it is working fine with my controller. Hehe… It is not a problem for me as I do not play these 2 games.

What can I do? I used emulator, but it got controls wrong buttons, shoulders, triggers, right analog stick u must remap them by opening xce. You have entered an incorrect email address! DOes this mean that its quantum qhm 7468-2v gamepad OS problem? Madel of honor and many more new game with my old ps2 type usb gamepad.

Anything that can be done to work things around? It translates Direct Input signals from your gamepad to XInput, thanks to that you will never have to configure gamepad controls just plug and play, like with xbox gamepad for PC and everything will work properly. I just downloaded and try it in Shovel Knight. Why quantum qhm 7468-2v gamepad you want to do that? I have the same issue. A small and budget quanfum speaker that loaded with lot of features like Bluetooth, This emulator might not support the games that you play.

The game just doesnt want to accept my controller…. Why would you want this?

Hey all, I would like quantum qhm 7468-2v gamepad change the speed at which the right stick moves…that is, when I look now, it is a bit fast…can I change this in xboxcemu. How to make both of them work???

The same folder as the game executible.