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SCSI is Small Computer System Interfaceis a type of interface used for computer components such as hard drives, optical drives, scanners and tape drives.

CPU and memory size characteristics. If yes what is the speed? There we can find the icon. Interrupt interiew CPU to request service. The ATX form factor specified changes to the motherboard, along with the case and power supply. Why we have to do it? Differentiate Input And Output Device? Is it is using now?

It operates at a lower voltage than DDR-I as well: It is also known as RAM. Copyright by Interview Questions Answers.

Most of the time this issue arises due to lots of dust is accumulated on the fan motor. Heat sink may be not contacted with the processor.

Hardware Questions And Answers For Interview

SRAM has built in switches and does not have to be refreshed. What are the differences between Multitasking and Multiprocessing?

Storage devices are used to store data in the computer. Short for complementary metal oxide semiconductor.

100 TOP COMPUTER HARDWARE Questions and Answers Pdf

Acronym for Single In line Memory Module, a small circuit board that can hold a group of memory chips. What is over clocking? Explain any three Intel downkoad

Replace the power supply. These are useful numbers for comparison. It uses parallel transmission of data.

TOP COMPUTER HARDWARE Questions and Answers Pdf COMPUTER HARDWARE Questions pdf

Now a day use SATA. This is one of the processing device in a computer. How can you format a floppy? Hyper-threaded processors have a duplicate set of registers, small spaces of answdrs memory storage used to hold the data that is currently needed to execute a thread.

To the frame of the PC. The disk may be in write protected mode.

The number of processor support, RAM slots ,Expansion card slots etc…are more. Content at Interview Questions Answers. Most commonly all low cost graphics cards are using it. What is PCI slot? Intervieww of physical memory modules is referred to as memory banks. These are the communication channel that enables your computer to exchange information with various devices.