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Concise text descriptions steps through diagnosis, evaluation and management essentials for each condition.


Like the Harriet Lane Handbookthis reference can be accessed online from your smartphone or tablet while making rounds. Keep current on infectious diseases and treatment options! EBSCO unlimited users for this title.

Sports Medicine in the Pediatric Office, 2nd Edition. The book covers topics ranging from a wide spectrum of neonatal conditions and surgical critical care to other childhood afflictions, pediatric cancer and the injured child.

Guidelines for Perinatal Care, 8th Edition. ClinicalKey E-Books -Over 1, e-book titles.

Pediatrics Clerkship University of Chicago [English]. This classic and comprehensive text has pd been expanded even further to include contemporary issues spanning from sports-related brain injury to the abuse of bath salts. Bookd to item 1 Go to item 2 Go to item 3 Go to item 4 Go pediartic item 5. It also focuses on the current management of common pedkatric conditions including appendicitis, pyloric stenosis and hernias.

Put together by experts from the Children’s Hospital of Boston, this text covers the basics of the gynecologic history and physical in pediatric patients, the physiology of puberty, and common gynecological problems in children and adolescents such as precocious puberty and sexually transmitted disease.

For more information, click here. Baby bokos Toddler Basics. A Manual for Epdiatric Neonatology on the Web [English]. Case Review Series Pediatric Imaging: Because injuries typically are incurred by healthy children engaging in daily activities, they can be particularly devastating to the injured child and his family. The purpose of peciatric handbook is to provide a brief, easily accessible, rapid source of contemporary information to students, residents and practitioners caring for infants and children with surgical disorders.

Brand-newchapters in the drug and diet section cover perampanel, ezogabine, and lacosamide, while the existing chapters on major medical treatments have pediatroc updated to reflect the latest trials and studies.

In order to better help you understand what these conditions are, and how they can be treated, we’ve compiled a number of guides together. Coding for Pediatrics23rd Ed. If You feel that this book is belong to you and you want to unpublish it, Please Contact us. Working with babies and children is most successful when therapists have a complete understanding and overview of all appropriate treatment options, and the effects of early influences on child health and development.

This is a book written by doctors who live or work in Africa and for African surgeons and patients alike. This book aims to provide readers with a general as well as an advanced overview of the key trends in childhood obesity. The guidance is applicable to children and young people up to 19 years with the symptom of bedwetting. Douglas Jones Editor ; Julia A.

This user-friendly reference assists in the initial evaluation and treatment of the most frequently encountered problems in pediatrics, both common and potentially life-threatening.

The 5 Minute Pediatric Consult is a quick reference pdff in an easy to use format to help you diagnose and treat common Pediatric conditions. Daily Iron Supplementation in Pediatruc and Children – World Health OrganizationThis guideline provides recommendations on daily iron supplementation in infants and children, as a public-health intervention for the prevention of anaemia and iron deficiency. New chapters have been added, for example on genetics in nephrourology and clinical management of important nephrourologic disorders.

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EBSCO limit of 1 simultaneous user. Lippincott CompanyThe book covers the entire field of pediatrics as completely as more bulky volumes.

This most recently updated version contains updates on management of hepatitis C and group B strep, as well as a new chapter on hemorrhagic fevers caused by Filoviruses. Some recommended pediatric references. It can also be accessed online for those times it’s not in your pocket. Newborn lesions, infections, Ulcerative and vesiculobullous lesions, Pigmented, vascular and red lesions, Exophytic lesions, Gingival Enlargements.

Illustrative clinical cases and treatment pathways for clinicians downloax included. Free pediatrics online Books. Available exclusively from the AAP! Streamline disease recognition and clinical decision-makingwith more than 1, finely detailed color images.

The knowledge level of the handbook is focused at post-graduates, surgical residents, pediatric residents or faculty and physician-extenders specializing in pediatric surgical care.